Craig Mordock quoted extensively in media regarding Robert Durst Bond Hearing

Craig Mordock, New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney, observed the bond hearing for Robert Durst on Monday and was asked to provide analysis into the procedure of the Robert Durst case in Louisiana. He was quoted in the New York Times

It is unclear what happens next. If the district attorney decides to indict before April 2, the right to a preliminary hearing goes away, said Craig Mordock, a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer who attended the hearing on Monday as a spectator.

He was also quoted in the New York Post:

“The theory is LA doesn’t have its act together and that Louisiana is holding him here in concert so that basically they [LA] can get its act together,” said New Orleans criminal defense attorney
Craig Mordock, who is observing the case.

”He’s pretty much screwed. I think ultimately with today’s no bond and where the case is headed, I don’t think he’ll be a free man for the rest of his life.”

And on the blog The Slatest:

According to New Orleans defense attorney Craig Mordock, Durst can’t be extradited to California if charges are pending against him in Louisiana, and he’ll now be held until the Louisiana situation is resolved. A preliminary hearing on the potential weapons charges has been scheduled for April 2, but it’s possible that he’ll be indicted by a grand jury and formally charged before that date. (Durst could also be charged via a bill of information.)

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